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How To Maximize Automotive Sales Opportunities:

As the official sponsor of Seasons 6 & 7 of the Dealer Talk Podcast, we have—obviously—talked and about Foureyes before. Yes, we are committed to speaking highly of them, but as I have mentioned multiple times, we at DTVMS do not lightly choose our partnerships. Our goal is to connect dealers with vendors that aim to become true, trusted advisors. Through years of relationship building, we can whittle down the vendor space to a select few that we can confidently endorse as dealer-centric, readily available, and genuinely invested in dealer success. Not only does Foureyes embody these qualifications, but they also actively strive to grow and improve upon technologies and solutions that help dealers win more. 

Their suite of products is second to none, and their dealer support staff is incomparable. They are available. They are flexible. They understand the market.

But don’t take our word for it—find out for yourself:

Safety Net

Often, leads can fall through the cracks of any CRM. Whether your staff is overworked, undertrained, or forgetful, Foureyes lead capture is a safety net to ensure no customer is missed. This tool utilizes CRM integration and phone tracking to ensure your marketing efforts do not go unaccounted for.

Prospect Engagement

When you think of automated emails, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t the word ‘intuitive’. Foureyes tackled this problem head-on and created the most robust behavior emailing solution we at DTVMS have ever seen. This is one of the better products in the dealer-solution market.

Sales Enablement

Your morning coffee can now come with a detailed report of your lead activity, employee performance, and customer intent. By enabling the visualization of your website activity, you, as a decision-maker, can prioritize your pipeline and get better appointments to the right people. 

Why It Matters

Most websites lack artificial intelligence, responsiveness, and automation. Yet, Foureyes has taken the opportunity to create programs that offer intuitive solutions to modern-day problems. When you think in terms of the current landscape, that is extremely useful.

You have probably heard me say that we are in an alternative-based market. That means consumers are often transacting outside of the formerly traditional manner. They are searching for options that are different from what they set out to buy in the beginning. Yes, as customers become more comfortable with waiting, this is will be less and less of a concern. However, if we can serve up alternatives that make sense and are based on the behaviors taking place on your website, then your consumers are more likely to transact sooner rather than later.

Foureyes can do this, and with a 60-day trial period that is absolutely free.

I don’t know about you, but to us, that level of service and commitment means that Foureyes is not just willing to talk the talk but to walk the walk. They truly believe their products will help their customers have more wins.

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Herb Anderson/Charity Ann