The Advantage of Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry

The Advantage of Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive retail space, Artificial Intelligence can offer support to accomplish the many tasks that are otherwise too much for one person to handle. In last week’s article, we defined A.I. as*: “the simulation of human intelligence…”

Yet, the question remains, in what ways does artificial intelligence have an advantage over a human?

The answer is quite simple: capacity and speed. As we navigate our responsibilities within the ownership journey, we may find ourselves overwhelmed with the required work. The more we must do the higher the likelihood to error. These mistakes are costly–we miss an inbound phone call or don’t catch an email response, and we risk losing the customer. A.I. allows us breathing room to manage our days, and if utilized correctly, it can enhance our lead processes.

Artificial intelligence is the backstop to human error. As this technological area grows, we can see more positive applications within the automotive space.  

Instantly respond to customers

Whether it be in the middle of the night or during the busiest time of the day, there are points at which our Business Development and Internet teams are not available to chat with a customer. This is one of the more straightforward uses of Artificial Intelligence. It minimizes response times, ensures communication with all potential, and offers primary responses to those interacting. By implementing an A.I. into this area of your workflow, you can provide lightning-fast responses that mean no one falls through the cracks.

Can handle angry/awkward conversations

Even better, that instant point of contact for your dealership offers the residual benefit of sifting out angry or awkward customers. From profane-laden texts to dinner proposals, we have seen that A.I. is an impeccable buffer between your teams and those conversations.

“Thank you for helping me in the middle of the night. I like you.”

“Is there anything else I can assist you with?”

“You’re so incredible. Goodnight, sweet lady. I hope you sleep well.”

By objectively witnessing an aggressive customer, an agent or sales associate can prepare themselves and calmly respond.

Large-scale communication

Equity mining is one of the most important things you can do to create a consistent flow of monthly sales. But, it’s not easy work and often requires a dedicated team of agents combing the DMS for viable customers. Implementing artificial intelligence within this process has shown to be incredibly effective for large-scale communication.

(This is not to be confused with email blasts or mailers.)

These A.I.’s can email your customers in large-scale targeted manners that can create appointment-driven conversations and, in some instances, even answer basic questions that pull your customers toward a live person conversion.

It’s the equity mining version of letting the A.I. shake the tree so your agents can gather the fruit. 

Tracking traffic

During the Dealer Talk Podcast Season 7, we stumbled across a fascinating area of A.I. technology based on intelligent video. These programs enable you to create data sets from the surveillance footage in and around your rooftops to make better decisions in nearly every facet of your dealership. While these computers do not directly communicate with customers, they can show employee behavior and the impact those behaviors have on your business. This seems to be a new aspect of artificially intelligent tech, and it was fascinating to learn. We are excited to see how it progresses.

The irony of artificial intelligence is that it relies entirely on human intelligence to exist. All the flaws, imperfections, and preconceptions within the human experience are poured into the birth of an A.I. As a supplemental feature, this wave of technology has direct and positive impacts on the running of a dealership. Still, due to the lack of full-scope technology, A.I. tools are task-specific and siloed. This often means more vendors and should be weighed against the overall benefit to your operation.   

Next week “The Advantages of Human Intelligence in the Automotive Industry”.