Radio, TV, and…

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Radio, TV, and…

As a little kid, I remember my grandmother sitting down in the middle of the afternoon to hear her radio programs. One of the shows that has stayed stuck to this day is Nuestro Insolito Universo, a play on the Twilight Zone with folk tales from Venezuela’s history and culture. I was amazed at the power of the technology to capture the attention of all the people who assembled to listen.

TV in my household was a must medium. My mother owned a video rental store, and my siblings and I took advantage of the perks that came with having the latest flick to watch and share with all our friends who would come over to watch with us. My mother and grandmother also had a love for telenovelas, and those were staples in the day-to-day activities.

Several years later, I am watching a new medium emerge, the next wave of communication. Only this time, I am an adult who experiments daily with it: welcome social media, the future of telecommunications.

I do not think most marketers, salespeople, and business decision-makers have fully wrapped their minds around the power of the platform. As a species, In our history, it has never been as easy as today to create a brand and distribute it to an audience. All you have to do is get in front of a camera or microphone and hit record! and there it is, you are creating.

In the past, organizations and individuals would have paid a small fortune to do what is now accessible with their phones and social media channels. No longer is it about reaching the masses, with incredible amounts of waste, but rather about getting to the people you can convert into obsessed believers of your brand. So why are we not taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity?

The successful companies of the future will be the ones who understand this incredible opportunity that exist in today’s landscape. Organizations, for the first time, have absolute control of their message! They can control the content, create it, edit it, distribute it, and put it in front of the right people for consumption. The quicker the switch to creating internal media teams within your organization, the better you will understand your WHY and what problems you solve for others.

In conclusion, the new form of telecommunication or medium’s evolution is here, and it is starring companies in the face. If we do not recognize the shift and start acting on it now, we will soon find ourselves scratching our heads and wondering what happened. Start investing in content creation, and start looking at the incredible opportunity in front of you to build a brand with the people that will value it the most.