Speed to the Sale: Time Kills Deals

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Speed to Sale: Time Kills Deals


Herb, Charity and Terry McSpadden have a great time recording Dealer
Talk’s first-ever drunk episode (totally Charity’s idea).

Join us for a hilarious conversation about how speed is everything in
sales. TKD: Time Kills Deals.

Episode Highlights:

*Importance of teamwork and collaboration within the dealership.

*Financial implications of Covid.

*Providing Information: FTC Guidelines and Customer Expectations

*Recognizing the significance of BDC agents offering comprehensive
information to customers.

*Striking a balance between control and accountability in setting
appointments and providing information.

Enhancing the customer experience in the automotive industry requires a
shift in mindset and a commitment to understanding and addressing customer
needs. By fostering teamwork, providing accurate information, reducing customer
anxiety, and creating memorable experiences, dealerships can differentiate
themselves and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Join us in our next episode as we continue to explore key topics and
trends shaping the automotive industry.

SEO Keywords: customer experience, automotive industry, salespeople, BDC
agents, FTC guidelines, information provision, customer expectations, managing
anxiety, warm transfers, dealership experience, personalized interactions,
customer-centric approach.

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24:25 Carvana Dealerships?

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