Best used car recon process to simplify your workflow

Recon process

Hey there, inventory aficionados! Tune in as we dive into the captivating world of inventory management for dealerships. You know, during my chat sessions, I love pointing out this gem: a dealership’s intriguing dance with its inventory. But hold your horses – in these chats, I’ve noticed that many dealership bigwigs are kind of in the dark about how their inventory game really works. It’s like they’re browsing their website, seeing all those shiny cars, and just saying, “Yeah, let’s sell ’em all!” Crazy, right?

But hang tight, because I’ve got some jaw-dropping revelations to drop on you! Imagine this: dealerships often flaunt their entire inventory online, regardless of whether those cars are totally ready to hit the front or not. It’s like throwing a party without even having the snacks ready – not a great idea! And in these wild times we’re living in, snagging inventory can be a logistical rollercoaster. But guess what? I’ve got the secret sauce to make this rollercoaster ride a breeze.

Hold onto your hats – it seems like everyone’s scratching their heads, trying to crack the inventory code, but not many are hitting the jackpot. Let’s shift gears, though. We’re skipping the nitty-gritty about what cars face on a daily basis and their digital adventures (check that out here if you’re curious). This article is all about getting dealers like you to cut down the time it takes to get your rides market-ready. Front lining faster means more hot inventory up for grabs – and who doesn’t want that?

Revving up the engine, here are my golden nuggets for you:

  1. Picky Inventory Picking: Not all cars are created equal when it comes to the frontline spotlight. Forget all those flashy tools – you need to groove with your lot’s rhythm. Sure, tech’s cool, but let human insight work its magic. Once you’ve cracked that inventory sweet spot, lean on all the deets to nab a ride with the lowest chance of “lot rot.” No frame damage and a snazzy service record are just the tip of the iceberg.
  2. A Smooth Operator Process: Just grabbing rides isn’t enough. You need a process that’s as slick as your favorite racing car. Enter Simple Recon – this is like your pit crew for inventory. It’s all about tracking the ride’s journey from purchase to the frontline. And don’t even mention those ancient Excel spreadsheets. It’s 2023, people – we’ve got tech that makes this a piece of cake.
  3. Goal Patrol: Keep tabs on your goals, and let everyone know what’s cookin’. Especially in these wild times, when everything’s flipping faster than a racetrack curve, staying in the loop is key. Communication is your pit-stop strategy.
  4. Top-Notch Rides: I’m scratching my head too – why skimp on repairs or skip the certification party? Your cars are your showstoppers. You don’t want your customers to have a bumpy ride, right? Get those rides in tip-top shape. It’s like showing up to the track with a turbo boost!
  5. Consistency Wins the Race: Buckle up, folks! Dealers yap about selling more rides, but some are stuck in the slow lane with a 20+ day wait for frontline action. Seriously? If you’re gunning for a quicker inventory spin, having rides ready to roll should be your pit stop priority. Set a realistic timer, and stick to it like glue. Consistency speaks volumes and sets the pace. Your team will catch that speed bug too!
  6. Exit Strategy Expertise: Not every car’s a champ. Sometimes you gotta let go of the underperformers. But no worries – have an exit plan and stick to it. The “there’s a buyer for every seat” motto is an ancient history. Let’s go wholesale, baby! No shame in that game – it amps up your turnaround mojo. Cut your losses fast and swap the losers for the winners!

Ladies and gents, these are just a taste of the gems I drop to amp up your inventory game. Fasten your seatbelts, cause this turbo-charged approach boosts your marketing firepower and sends those sales soaring. Remember, the urge to sell cars is universal, but the real deal is setting the stage for success. That demands a nitro-fueled grasp of the game and smart strategies to make all those puzzle pieces align.

Want more juicy deets on Simple Recon and how you can test it out free of charge? Just cruise on over to this link – it’s like hitting the turbo button on your inventory journey!