How the Phone Can Save Your Dealer

How the Phone Can Save Your Dealer

How the Phone Can Save Your Dealer

What is the most effective way to connect with car buyers during these times?

That is a question I get daily from dealers across the country. In an industry that is oversaturated with alternatives as far as connecting with buyers, I am not surprised that decision-makers are confused about where to invest their efforts. I am a big advocate for simplifying things by focusing on the foundations of digital advertising channels.

Google and Facebook combined will touch well over sixty percent of the in-market shoppers in a given month. By limiting your exposure on multiple advertising channels, you can reduce duplication with the same consumers as well as create compelling messaging that is not confusing and that ensures a better attribution of R.O.I.

But what happens after the digital touch? There is no question that things are different today than they were just a couple of months ago, and now more than ever, we have a reason to connect with our customer base in a more meaningful way.

Phone skills during these times are critical, as it is the quickest way that your dealership can convey the experience consumers should expect when doing business in your store. If your phone skills lack, you can lose customers before they ever step foot in your dealership!

Despite some dealerships stating record numbers in the past few months, the SAAR shows a different story for the industry (find more information here This reality ultimately means fewer car sales, which means fewer opportunities for all dealers. In combination with the inventory shortages and the challenges of doing business in the current landscape, you will have fewer chances to win over potential buyers, and every single advantage matters.

During my latest YouTube live session, I talked with Jeff Bounds, the head of Cardone Automotive Resources (C.A.R.), about the importance of phone skills. “There are two different reasons, number one you don’t have the knowledge, and number two, you don’t have the practical experience,” commented Jeff on why dealers are failing when it comes to connecting with buyers over the phone.

In closing, the most effective way to connect with car buyers in these times depends. Find what works best in your markets and your dealership and double down on those efforts. Know that no matter what you find, the telephone is still the quickest way for customers to judge your dealership and the people on the other end of the receiver.

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