You Are Responsible For the Success of Your Dealership

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You Are Responsible For the Success of Your Dealership

In this episode of the podcast, Herb and Charity discuss their frustrations with the stigma surrounding the car industry and the need for better skills in sales. They emphasize the importance of understanding customers’ needs and solving their problems effectively. The conversation highlights the shift in the car industry and the need for improved leadership and accountability. Herb argues that it’s crucial to let customers express themselves fully before providing solutions. He believes in asking relevant questions to understand customers’ needs and presenting suitable options. Both Herb and Charity emphasize that active listening and effective communication skills are essential in sales.


-Despite its positive aspects, the industry suffers from a negative reputation that deters people from pursuing it intentionally.

-Even in 2023, some individuals within the industry perpetuate negative behaviors that contribute to the stigma.

-Charity points out the lack of accountability among leaders in the car industry. Herb and Charity discuss the need for a shift in leadership practices to address this issue.

Keywords: automotive dealership, car sales, customer experience, salesmanship, selling, conversation, training, dealer, managers, senior salespeople, listening, finish sentences, customer conversations, problem-solving, communication skills, interview skills, personal development

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⏰ Highlights:

00:00 Introduction

06:16 Is Sales Manipulation

11:33 All Communication is Transactional

25:11 Guest: Christian Charvet

53:47 Interviewing for Employee’s

01:03:43 Next Five Years

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