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Women in Automotive Podcasting

“Imagine what sales would be like if nobody had to choose which side of the gray line to be on, and everybody was just ethical. What would we all be doing? It would completely shift the industry in such a positive manner? We should definitely be focusing on that trajectory.” -Charity Ann

Season 8 Special Episode: Women in Automotive Podcasting shares the experiences of Kaylee Felio, Elena Ciccotelli, Charity Dunning, and Charity Ann as they navigate podcasting within the automotive industry. We talk about how it has helped us grow our personal brands, taught us more about the electric vehicle space, allowed us to showcase individuals who don’t normally have the opportunity to speak, and helped promote the incredible automotive industry we have grown to love. We also discuss some of the gaps in the podcasting space for automotive and our favorite AI’s.

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📞 Connect:
Kaylee Felio: The Parts Girl Podcast
Elena Ciccotelli: EV’s for Everyone
Charity Dunning: What the Fixed-Ops

⏰ Highlights:
00:00 Introduction
04:34 Managing a Career and a Podcast
13:40 How Do We Bring People to the Automotive Industry
21:10 Professionalism and Recruitment
28:35 What the Consumer Wants
35:30 Using AI’s to Help in Podcasting
43:00 EV Conspiracy Theories
47:50 Next Five Years

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