The State of Automotive with NIADA

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The State of Automotive with NIADA

“Automotive customers are being pushed down the credit funnel. If they could qualify on the retail side with a 650-680, now that paper is being turned away, so they have to go with the Independent or the buy-here-pay-here sector.” -Herb Anderson

Collectively, the NIADA moderators — Ben Goodman, Bill Elizondo, and Ed Curry — bring more than 100 years of experience to the table, working on almost every level of the car business.

Join us for an engaging conversation about the great year buy-here-pay-here is anticipating.

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⏰ Highlights:
00:00 Introduction
13:30 Shifting Your Marketing Strategy
29:30 Delinquency on the Rise
34:30 Comfort Levels
1:13:30 Next Five Years

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