The Cost of Advertising: The Price of an Unremarkable Product

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“JT” Thompson: The Cost of Advertising Price of an Unremarkable Service & Product

The fast pace of our industry makes it difficult to track cost, ROI, and even attribution of advertising, marketing, and vendor services. Your CRM only gives you so much, and the question becomes how do you bring the ‘data-verse’ together? With this in mind, Jonathan “JT” Thompson began to build a platform and process to support dealers and vendors within the automotive industry His experience has enabled him to guide, protect and ensure the execution of dealership marketing investments. Listen to our conversation about JT’s journey and where he sees us going as an industry.


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00:32:00 Jonathan “JT” Thompson
00:41:00 Where is the Disconnect?
00:49:50 Power and Danger of Data
00:58:30 Educating the Dealer to Understand the Vendor


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