Streamlining Car Transportation: Montway Auto Transport’s Innovative Solution

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Streamlining Car Transportation: Montway Auto Transport’s Innovative Solution

In this episode of Dealer Talk, join hosts Herb and Charity as they welcome Mike Trudeau, the Executive VP of Business Development for Montway Auto Transport. They discuss the challenges dealerships face in inventory management and the future of the automotive industry.

Episode Highlights:

1. Introduction to Mike Trudeau and his background in the automotive industry.
2. The significance of efficient sales processes and the role of technology in enhancing dealership operations.
3. The impact of interest rates on vehicle loans and the importance of finding payment-driven cars.
4. The changing landscape of the automotive industry and the challenges of inventory management.
5. The role of Montway Auto Transport’s automation portal in simplifying the car transportation process for dealerships.
6. How Montway allows dealerships to quote, book, and track vehicles in a single portal, reducing time and streamlining operations.
7. The benefits of using fleets, including faster dispatch times and efficient vehicle transportation across long distances.
8. The future of electric vehicles (EVs) and their potential impact on transportation logistics.
9. Insights on the current state of EV transportation and the potential challenges that may arise in the future.

Join Herb, Charity, and Mike in exploring the advancements in car transportation technology and the evolving automotive landscape. By leveraging innovative technology like Montway Auto Transport’s automation portal, dealerships can streamline their car transportation processes and overcome inventory challenges, ensuring efficient operations in an ever-evolving automotive industry.

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⏰ Highlights:
00:00 Introduction
21:21 Mike Trudeau: Streamlining Sales Processes
22:02 Mike’s Background in the Automotive Industry
23:28 Challenges and Trends in Inventory Management
26:18 Insights on Electric Vehicles and Transportation
30:09 Montway Auto Transport’s Automation Portal (MAP)
31:54 Simplifying Car Transportation with MAP

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