NIADA Automotive Climate Forecast

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NIADA Automotive Climate Forecast

“I’ve never been to a 20 group that I didn’t pick something up that I didn’t go come out of with more knowledge.” -Herb Anderson

Gordon Tormohlen of the NIADA joins us to share his insights on the evolving retail market in the automotive industry and highlights the importance of building relationships with customers instead of focusing solely on transactions.

We discuss the role of technology in making it easier and more convenient for buyers to purchase cars online and discuss the power of the National Independent Auto Dealers Association (NIADA).

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Instagram: @_niada
Twitter: @_niada

⏰ Highlights:
00:00 Introduction
04:40 Customer Care
12:15 The Pent Up Demand for Cars
23:00 Creating Customer Touch Points
35:35 The Private Party Vehicle Market
43:30 Next Five Years

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