Lyamen Savy – Best Practices for Your Dealership Website

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Lyamen Savy – Best Practices for Your Dealership Website

Welcome back to another episode!

In this session, we have the opportunity to chat with Lyamen Savy, Founder, and CEO of 321 Ignition about the power of your website, and is your dealership is represented adequately?

There is no question that now more than ever, your website has become the one constant thing. Whether your sales activity has been affected by the current situation or not, your website remains your connection to potential in-market buyers. The question is: is your dealership’s website set up to help you convey your experience and your story in the most effective way possible?

“one of our dealerships is now busier than before COVID. I think it’s because, before COVID, consumers were able to walk into the dealership to see cars, so their competition was every dealership near them. But now, with COVID and everyone locked at home, when customers visit their competitor’s website, they immediately bounce. However, when consumers get to their mobile-first website, they stay on the website, look at cars and become a lead, and so they are now selling more cars than before because they have less competition.”


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