Forest Ward: Lead Response Time

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Forest Ward: Lead Response Time

Welcome Back!

This week I sit down with Forest Ward from Call Drip and we are talking about lead response time. It is such a simple concept but one that plays a huge role in today’s digital landscape. If marketing is the message, then how we prepare to respond to the activity generated from that message is an area we can look to for increased closing percentages!

Time Highlights:

02:00 Consumer shopping transitions
10:00 Where are we missing opportunities when it comes to handling leads?
12:00 If marketing is the message then how are we handling the aftermath of that message?
16:00 How much salesmanship should our BDC departments have?
19:00 The salesman of the future
21:00 Accommodate customers on how they want to do business
25:00 Calldrip product presentation
52:00 Calldrip live demo

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Thank you for tuning in and as usual, we will TALK later!