Felicity Marontate: Retention After COVID

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Felicity Marontate: Retention After COVID

Welcome Back!

Are you thinking about how last year’s events have impacted your customer loyalty? If you have not done all that you can to educate and inform your customer base during these times, you will probably be lighter on the DMS side when the dust settles.

Check this very insightful conversation with Felicity where we talk about what customer retention means now.

Time Highlights:
07:00 The reward of helping others
12:00 Why do dealers lose customers during these times?
24:00 Think about future business as well
27:00 Target the right audience with the right message
34:00 Reward loyalty
37:00 Why omnichannel is the way of the future
42:00 Build your brad
48:00 Next five years

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