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Durran Cage: New Cars are the New Salary
What an incredible episode with Durran Cage!
Everyone gets passionate about their opinions on how to motivate our sales teams into becoming the hard-working, rise-and-grind people that we as leaders see them capable of. Durran is an amazing guest. His unique qualifications include serving as an OEM District Sales Manager, High-Performance Internet Director, and GSM, leading a team of consultants for one of the largest vendors in the automotive industry, and 3 years ago, he took the leap into entrepreneurship as the founder of Cage Automotive. Through Cage Campus and Cage Automotive, Durran, along with his team, has the drive and passion to reach farther and impact greater to leave everything better than he found it. Founding Cage Automotive, company that strives to leave everything better than they found it through their product or service. Durran is passionate about this mission and, along with his team, works hard every day, driven by their desire to impact greater auto markets worldwide.
Automotive News Links: https://www.autoweek.com/news/technology/a40907406/nyc-testing-electronically-speed-limited-fleet-vehicles/
https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a41040933/ford-and-ram-to-drop-compact-vans-and-there-goes-the-segment/ https://www.courthousenews.com/17-states-sue-epa-for-restoring-californias-authority-to-regulate-vehicle-emissions/
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Highlights: 00:00:00
Introductions 00:02:20
Charity’s Dream Car 00:06:46
Automotive News 00:19:29
Blog Post of the Week 00:26:56
Durran Cage is Here! 00:30:03
The Lottery Effect 00:36:05
What Should Train On? 00:46:55
New Cars are the New Salary? 00:52:44
Assessing Where We Are At 01:00:43
Create a Control Group of Your Customers 01:03:20
What Experience Does the Customer Want? 01:20:30
Next Five Years
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