Dealer Talk Podcast & The Steve Fucile Show: CrossOver Episode

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“So, there we are in Poland. No cellphone, we don’t know the language, and we just got robbed by an 80-year-old man.” -Herb Anderson

Check out Herb’s interview on the Steve Fucile Show. Together they discuss the importance of digital marketing in the auto industry and the need for dealerships to control their own narrative in order to gain customer trust. Social media is a cost-effective way to drive traffic to a dealership’s website. Also, learn how Herb got robbed in Poland.

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Keywords: digital marketing, auto industry, customer trust, third-party sites, inventory management, social media, lead generation, branding, entertainment, education.

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⏰ Highlights:

00:00 Introduction

07:30 The American Dream Still Exists

20:00 And Then He Stole My Car!

28:00 Understanding Where the Issues Are

46:30 Motivation to Get Off the Couch

01:08:00 You Can’t Sell What You Don’t Have

01:23:00 The Growth of Business

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