Dealer Talk Episode #23 Jay Jensen – The Sales Process Evolution

You are currently viewing Dealer Talk Episode #23 Jay Jensen – The Sales Process Evolution

Join Erik and myself during this week’s episode where we go deep into the sales process and how it has or has not evolved. Our guest, Jay Jensen is a 30+ year veteran of the industry and he breaks it down! How has technology changed the way consumers purchase vehicles and are the sales strategies from the past still relevant today?

When we look at the current landscape there have been a lot of changes to the industry from technology, to data, and other factors that have created a necessity for improvements in the sales process mainly because of the need of a transparent sales experience. Potential buyers in today’s environment are far more educated then ever before and when we take into consideration that most buyers are visiting 1.5 dealerships before making a purchase every single opportunity is critically important.

What is sales in its most basic form and in particular how can we adjust to the current times within the industry to enhance the experience for the potential buyers and remove the obstacles they have in order to convert them into an owner of your brand at your store!

Very excited to share Jay’s perspectives on this topic and to have the opportunity to have this conversation on the show…

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