Dealer Talk Episode # 21 Robert Sebestyen – Making Process Awesome

You are currently viewing Dealer Talk Episode # 21 Robert Sebestyen – Making Process Awesome

Join Erik and myself on this process oriented conversation. Our guest, Robert Sebestyen truly delivers a ton of valuable insights on this topic and brings a fresh perspective to some of the ways that processes can bring both the sales and service side of the house together to deliver a better experience to the buyers and owners!

One of my favorite quotes by W. Edward Deming, says that if you cannot describe what you’re doing as a process you don’t know what you’re doing and I really believe in that. When you consider what goes on in the dealership from selling to servicing a vehicle after the fact, having a set road map on how to get from point A to point B is crucial to offering consistency and building a true differentiator in your market.

During this session we uncover the value of having a process even if it’s not a good one versus not having one at all or as we debate thinking that you don’t have one, because whether you think you do or don’t a choice is always being made.

Make sure to tune in and uncover some of the nuggets on this deal…