Dealer Talk Episode #18 Sean Welsh – The Trade-In Process in the Digital Age

You are currently viewing Dealer Talk Episode #18 Sean Welsh – The Trade-In Process in the Digital Age

Join Erik and myself for this episode with the one and only, Mr. Rock Star himself, Sean Welsh were we talk about the Trade-In process in the digital landscape we have today. How much has the trade-in process changed? Are the digital tools available today helping dealers close the gap and build trust with consumers or are they enhancing the issues that exist with this process? Also we talk about the value and how the leads are moved through the funnel.

This is a great conversation with some thought provoking insights from our guest who NEVER disappoints and always brings relevant takeaways.

The trade-in is one of those areas that I personally find is at an interesting place in today’s market were the old processes are no longer applicable because of the fact that we are in an efficient marketplace but the technologies available to help with transparency are not fully up to par with purchasing behaviors and so I am glad to have this opportunity to TALK about it and attempt to add some value to you the listeners.

If you already have not had a chance to meet Sean and consume his content you need to get on that ASAP as you will definitely be in for a treat!

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Twitter: cbizdonebetter

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Thank you for tuning in and as usual we will TALK later…