Dealer Talk Episode #17 Stacy James Fry – New Technology “Smart Bots” (2019)

You are currently viewing Dealer Talk Episode #17 Stacy James Fry – New Technology “Smart Bots” (2019)

Join Erik and myself on a conversation regarding “Smart Bots” and the potential impact to the Auto industry. During this session we have an in-depth conversation with Stacy James Fry one of the innovators of streaming technology which is responsible for the rise of Netflix! We dive deep on this technology, what it is, what the potential downsides are, and most importantly how it can help YOU sell more vehicles and connect with more buyers.

Technology is evolving quickly in all industries and the businesses who adopt early will have an advantage not just in testing potential avenues to generate more business but capitalizing on the lag between adoption and utilization from their competitors.

Make sure to tune in on this episode to learn more about what “Smart Bots” are and the impact they can have for the industry!

Here is how you can connect with Stacy:


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 403-968-8549

Also, don’t forget to visit the Dealer Talk website at to leave us your questions and feedback!

Thank you for listening and as usual we will TALK later…