Dealer Talk Episode #13 Erik & Herb FINAL Episode Season 1 Recap ([2018]

You are currently viewing Dealer Talk Episode #13 Erik & Herb FINAL Episode Season 1 Recap ([2018]

Join Erik and Herb for this very special Season 1 recap!

Thank you ALL for your support and your feedback. This Season flew by! Erik and Herb had a lot of fun TALKING about the Auto Industry and have learned a lot in the process as well as made some really valuable connections and friendships. Not only with the guest that have been on the show but all the support from listeners reaching out and connecting.

In this FINAL episode of Season 1 Erik and Herb are recapping ALL the amazing guest and conversations they had on the show with the highlights from each one and their takeaways.

Finally, a very specially thanks to all the guest that made time to come on and give their perspectives on the industry as well as some practical advice for the listeners.

Erik and Herb are already working on Season 2 and are excited to introduce some new platforms where listeners can not only access the information but connect with them as well as share comments, feedback, and send in there questions!

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