Danny Zaslavsky: Buying More Cars From The Public

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Danny Zaslavsky: Buying More Cars From The Public

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Welcome back to another session. We are talking acquisition with Danny Zaslavsky. We are digging deep into a strategy he uses at his store to buy more vehicles from the public. We are also doing a full demo of Vincue, which Danny is one of the founders of, so make sure to check out the video portion of this episode on my YouTube channel.

Time Highlights:
05:30 Why don’t we buy every car we can get our hands on?
18:00 Do I need third parties to validate my acquisition process?
24:00 W.A.R. what does it mean and how we can leverage it.
30:00 How to buy more cars during the shortage
37:00 Is this market conducive to buying more
38:00 Live demo
1:15:46 What is the deficiency with Vincue software
1:16:58 Next five years

Here is how to connect with Danny:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danny-zaslavsky-a8503121/
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 913.808.7008

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Thank you for tuning in, and as usual, we will TALK later!