Bob Lanham: Facebook Enhancements for Automotive

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Bob Lanham: Facebook Enhancements for Automotive

Welcome Back!

Facebook has made some enhancements as of late to the automotive product and who better to talk about these changes than Bob Lanham, head of automotive retail for Facebook!

Check out this week’s session where we talk about how these changes directly impact your strategies and more importantly how you can leverage them to gain more sales for your dealer.

Time highlights:

1:30 Yearly recap. Hoa re thing going fifty thousand view

7:00 The long term impact of COVID on the automotive industry

17:00 How the price is never a good value proposition for your business

19:00 Recent enhancements for the automotive space on Facebook

32:00 Why the new changes should not impact your activity on Facebook

45:00 Next five years…with a twist

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Thank you for tuning in and as usual, we will TALK later!