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ATI Auto Business is your automotive educational resource to stay current on vehicle logistics news and updates in automotive transport technologies in the North American used car market.

Jay Wertzberger is one of the funniest guests we have had the privilege of talking with. We could not stop laughing. From early experience in Hollywood filmmaking and live webcasting, mixed with a passion for marketing on social media and a decade in auto transport, Jay develops engaging content for automotive business professionals. He graduated with a degree in Marketing from Virginia Tech, with a double minor in Communications and English. With recurring feature content including “Tuesday Nights Live”, “Live Carrier Advice”, “Dispatching LIVE!”, and “Cars On The Move” (as well as live on-location events and automotive trade show coverage), Jay produces and hosts for the channel.


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00:00 Introduction
02:14 Automotive News
13:30 Lot Linx Weekly Market Data
17:00 Blog Post of the Week
25:05 Welcome, Jay Wertzberger
40:30 The Hybrid Future of Transport
49:30 Get Rich Clickbate YouTuber’s
1:13:00 Next Five Years

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