Additional Service Drive Customer Strategy – Recall Guests

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How are you handling πŸ™ your recall guest?

I sometimes see recall guest discarded from becoming long term customer pay visitors because they are showing up for the first time or only when there is a recall situation.

With recent announcements of additional recalls in the past few months, are looking πŸ‘€ at what this could mean for your long term business success πŸ’°?

This is such a valuable opportunity for you to tell your story to prospects who are brand owners πŸš— who need there vehicle serviced and if they are not doing that with you on a regular basis give them a reason to question that

Here are 3 suggestions on how to convey your VP for these guests:

βœ… Multi-Point Inspection

βœ… Main services price comparison

βœ… Recommend, recommend, recommend

Check out this video 🎬 for additional information