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Dealer Talk brings together some of the automotive retail industry’s brightest minds to share their expertise, experiences, and insights to help you become a better professional. Our goal is to explore every aspect of your business — marketing, sales, fixed operations, leadership, and more — to be your destination for a holistic look at your dealership.

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Welcome to the Dealer Talk Podcast for Automotive Professionals! [2018]

Dealer Talk is a podcast where some of the top Automotive Professionals get together to discuss all their success stories as well as how they stayed motivated throughout their journey. The goal of this Podcast and YouTube Channel is to bring value to the new generation of Automotive Professionals to have them learn from others and accelerate their growth!

People and process trumps marketing every day. Agree?

Speed to Sale: Time Kills Deals

Speed to Sale: Time Kills Deals Introduction: Herb, Charity and Terry McSpadden have a great time recording Dealer Talk's first-ever drunk episode (totally Charity's idea). Join us for a hilarious conversation about how speed is everything in sales. TKD: Time Kills Deals. Episode Highlights: *Importance of teamwork and collaboration within the dealership. *Financial implications of Covid. *Providing Information: FTC Guidelines and Customer Expectations *Recognizing the significance of BDC agents offering comprehensive information to customers. *Striking a balance between control and accountability in setting appointments and providing information. Enhancing the customer experience in the automotive industry requires a shift in mindset and a commitment to understanding and addressing customer needs. By fostering teamwork, providing accurate information, reducing customer anxiety, and creating memorable experiences, dealerships can differentiate themselves and build long-lasting customer relationships. Join us in our next episode as we continue to explore key topics and trends shaping the automotive industry. SEO Keywords: customer experience, automotive industry, salespeople, BDC agents, FTC guidelines, information provision, customer expectations, managing anxiety, warm transfers, dealership experience, personalized interactions, customer-centric approach. 📞 Connect: Vendor Partners 👓 🚙FIXEDOPS DIGITAL. 🎥Covideo. 📞Calldrip. 📱RunMyLease ⏰Highlights: 00:00 Introduction 8:00 Service Customer Satisfaction 23:40 Terry McSpadden 47:15 Sales PERSON 1:24:00 You Need a Car to Rob a Bank 2:05:00 It's All About Being Positivity 2:30:45 Next Five Years

What are some of the similarities and differences between other automotive markets and the US?

When was the last time you shopped your employees? Are you tracking success or expecting them to?

You Are Responsible For the Success of Your Dealership

You Are Responsible For the Success of Your Dealership In this episode of the podcast, Herb and Charity discuss their frustrations with the stigma surrounding the car industry and the need for better skills in sales. They emphasize the importance of understanding customers' needs and solving their problems effectively. The conversation highlights the shift in the car industry and the need for improved leadership and accountability. Herb argues that it's crucial to let customers express themselves fully before providing solutions. He believes in asking relevant questions to understand customers' needs and presenting suitable options. Both Herb and Charity emphasize that active listening and effective communication skills are essential in sales. Highlights: -Despite its positive aspects, the industry suffers from a negative reputation that deters people from pursuing it intentionally. -Even in 2023, some individuals within the industry perpetuate negative behaviors that contribute to the stigma. -Charity points out the lack of accountability among leaders in the car industry. Herb and Charity discuss the need for a shift in leadership practices to address this issue. Keywords: automotive dealership, car sales, customer experience, salesmanship, selling, conversation, training, dealer, managers, senior salespeople, listening, finish sentences, customer conversations, problem-solving, communication skills, interview skills, personal development Vendor Partners 👓 🚙FIXEDOPS DIGITAL. 🎥Covideo. 📞Calldrip. 📱RunMyLease. 📞 Connect: LinkedIn: Instagram: Website: ⏰ Highlights: 00:00 Introduction 06:16 Is Sales Manipulation 11:33 All Communication is Transactional 25:11 Guest: Christian Charvet 53:47 Interviewing for Employee’s 01:03:43 Next Five Years Subscribe to My Channel: ************************************* Follow the podcast here: ************************************ Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Dealer Talk Podcast & The Steve Fucile Show: CrossOver Episode

“So, there we are in Poland. No cellphone, we don’t know the language, and we just got robbed by an 80-year-old man.” -Herb Anderson Check out Herb’s interview on the Steve Fucile Show. Together they discuss the importance of digital marketing in the auto industry and the need for dealerships to control their own narrative in order to gain customer trust. Social media is a cost-effective way to drive traffic to a dealership's website. Also, learn how Herb got robbed in Poland. Connect with our friend Steve Fucile on his social media below. Keywords: digital marketing, auto industry, customer trust, third-party sites, inventory management, social media, lead generation, branding, entertainment, education. Vendor Partners 👓 🚙FIXEDOPS DIGITAL. 🎥Covideo. 📞Calldrip. 📱RunMyLease. 📞 Connect: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Tik Tok: YouTube: ⏰ Highlights: 00:00 Introduction 07:30 The American Dream Still Exists 20:00 And Then He Stole My Car! 28:00 Understanding Where the Issues Are 46:30 Motivation to Get Off the Couch 01:08:00 You Can’t Sell What You Don’t Have 01:23:00 The Growth of Business Subscribe to My Channel: ************************************* Follow the podcast here: ************************************ Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Independent Yet Unified with NIADA

"The independent and franchised dealers are a voice that needs to be unified so we can make the changes needed within the automotive industry.” -Charity Ann In this NIADA episode, Troy Scheer and Jared Halsted talk about their experiences in the automobile industry, perceptions about the used car market, and the upcoming NIADA convention from June 19-22, and learn more about how to improve and elevate the automobile industry. Don't forget to download the NIADA mobile app to plan out your schedule and make the most out of the convention. Keywords: NIADA convention, automobile industry, used car market, independent dealers, mobile app, early bird discount. Vendor Partners 👓 🚙FIXEDOPS DIGITAL. 🎥Covideo. 📞Calldrip. 📱RunMyLease. 📞 Connect: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.c om/company/national-independent-automobile-dealers-association/ Instagram: @_niada Facebook: Twitter: @_niada YouTube: ⏰ Highlights: 00:00 Introduction 00:45 Secret Shopping 09:14 You’re Paying Someone to Lose You Money! 14:40 Jared Halsted with NIADA 18:00 NIADA Presidents Council 20:00 Troy Scheer with NIADA 27:00 NIADA Convention 28:20 Ignorance is Not an Excuse in the Eyes of the Law 38:00 Independent Dealer Specific Concerns 55:00 Next Five Years Subscribe to My Channel: ************************************* Follow the podcast here: *************************************

What’s your favorite new automotive technology?

NIADA Automotive Climate Forecast

NIADA Automotive Climate Forecast “I've never been to a 20 group that I didn't pick something up that I didn't go come out of with more knowledge.” -Herb Anderson Gordon Tormohlen of the NIADA joins us to share his insights on the evolving retail market in the automotive industry and highlights the importance of building relationships with customers instead of focusing solely on transactions. We discuss the role of technology in making it easier and more convenient for buyers to purchase cars online and discuss the power of the National Independent Auto Dealers Association (NIADA). Vendor Partners 👓 🚙FIXEDOPS DIGITAL. 🎥Covideo. 📞Calldrip. 📱RunMyLease. 📞 Connect: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.c om/company/national-independent-automobile-dealers-association/ Instagram: @_niada Facebook: Twitter: @_niada YouTube: ⏰ Highlights: 00:00 Introduction 04:40 Customer Care 12:15 The Pent Up Demand for Cars 23:00 Creating Customer Touch Points 35:35 The Private Party Vehicle Market 43:30 Next Five Years Subscribe to My Channel: ************************************* Follow the podcast here: ************************************* Thank you for tuning in, and as usual, we will TALK later!


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