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Automotive IT Solutions Services

Technology plays a crucial role in connecting with your customers. DTVMS IT Services can build technology to accommodate your specific dealership. Don’t be limited to generic solutions that fail to address your needs. Don’t settle for the one-size-fits-all options everyone else is using.

Our custom-built alternatives put you in the driver’s seat, ensuring you get where you want to go by maximizing every opportunity.

Imagine having the power of a technology that fits your processes the way you want to do business. With our personalized services, you can finally have the control to build the customized tools needed to reach your objectives.

Here are some of the solutions we can design for your store:

IT Services - Dashboard

Full CRM

Lead Generating Widgets

Service Scheduler

Lead Converting Dashboard

Vehicle Key Verification System

Sales Tracking Dashboard

BDC Reporting Dashboard

BDC Call Log Systems

Custom Spreadsheet Reporting

Inventory Listing Sites

Trade-Acquisition Tools

Digital Retailing Widgets

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If all markets, objectives, brands, and customers are different, why use a one-size-fits-all approach to your tech? How can you create a competitive advantage with the same resources as everyone else? How can you truly partner with companies that repackage and sell the same tools directly to your competitors? Build tools/solutions that genuinely differentiate your dealership from the rest.

The future is now. Do not merely accept what is available. Do not share your advantage with your competition. Stop accepting the status quo and be a true leader in the automotive space. With DTVMS, you can build unique technologies specific to your business.

The wait is over. Let us get to work building solutions designed exclusively for you.

The consultation is FREE with no hassle. Schedule a call today, and let’s get started!


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