Fill-A-Cart 2022 Recap

The DTVMS team is on a mission to eradicate hunger wherever it exists. Our passion stems from our personal experiences with the trauma caused by hunger and not merely because we believe it to be a “noble” cause. We are driven to make a difference because we understand the physical and mental consequences of being hungry.

As we actively engage in our efforts to bring about change, we realize that giving back is a remarkably humbling experience. Similar to the double-edged sword of parenting, we experience equally the pain of seeing others suffer and the memory of our own suffering. This only motivates us to do more and to continue our work of creating a world without hunger.

In 2021, as we sat amongst ourselves and began to visualize the Fill-A-Cart endeavor, we wondered how we could gather enough money to truly make a difference. Everywhere there is hunger, and it is entrenched so deeply into the fabric of our global community that many barely recognize its insidious grip.

We walk past it in the hallways of our schools. We step over it on the way to sporting events. We do not see the pervasiveness of hunger because it is discomforting and overwhelming. Although it may seem an unbearable burden, an unsurmountable problem, or a formidable enemy, we at DT Vendor Management Solution chose to be undaunted.

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid,” Goethe stated over 200 years ago.

As we chose to be bold, we aimed for a small start with a growth projection over our lives, and with our small beginnings, we were forever changed.

Our incredible journey brought us in touch with the beauty of humanity and the kindness of strangers. We learned of Blanca, who came to the United States with her son and husband seeking political asylum. Because of her son’s health, she is often forced to choose between rent, food, and medicine. This burden means that Blanca must also choose between feeding herself and her family. They rarely enjoy the happiness of good food.

Just before Thanksgiving, we were able to fill her cart. This enabled her to prepare a traditional Colombian dinner for the holiday and not choose between rent, food, and medicine for several months.

Lack of sustainable nutrition directly impacts one’s ability to function beyond the basics of all necessities.

Stories such as Blanca’s are not unfamiliar to us, and even though there is enough food to allow every single human to eat 2,800 calories a day, many starve to death, and even more live consistently in what is called a “food insecure” state. Many seek asylum in countries with more stable situations to sustain their families. Guillermina is one such person. She came from Mexico, aiming to offer herself and her family a better life. Now she works multiple jobs to support her loved ones and is still forced to choose between her financial responsibilities and food.

Sadly, Maria passed away a few months later, leaving her four daughters in the care of their 18-year-old brother.

We are heartbroken by her passing and the trials that her children will undoubtedly endure. We know our efforts were not enough to affect a lifelong change in their lives, yet we are dedicated to creating a future for them and the millions like them that will end this suffering.

Indeed there is no excuse. None. Ever. For the continued neglect of our most vulnerable fellow man. Whether secular or devout, it is and will always be our responsibility to lift those around us.

Be bold. Allow the mighty forces to work miracles through you. There will be heartbreak. There will be sorrow. There will be times when you feel you need to do more. Yet we MUST do something.
We have doubled our goal this year and are eager for your participation and help.
Join us in our commitment to end hunger and allow your legacy to be equal to the greats.


Fill-A-Cart 2022

Food insecurity refers to the lack of reliable access to nutrition consistent enough for an active and healthy quality of life. According to the USDA, over 38 million people within the United States live in food insecure households. 1 in 6 children in the US regularly endures hunger. 

Lack of sustainable nutrition directly impacts one’s ability to function beyond the basics of all necessities.

Foundational and Necessary:

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the physiological need for shelter and food is the fundamental groundwork for all human endeavors, including job security, love, self-esteem, and self-actualization.

Here at Dealer Talk, we couldn’t agree more. It is our unending goal to eradicate hunger wherever we see it. We believe that personal accountability and responsibility for one’s contribution to society are hindered and obstructed by the ramifications of hunger upon the body.

Statistically Pertinent:

  1. School-aged children who face severe hunger are 53.1% more likely to have severe depression. 
  2. Children living in homes of food insecurity are more likely to suffer from attention disorders. 
  3. 36% of college students are food insecure.

Loss of Greatness:

When one does not have the energy to wake up in the morning, how can one achieve their full potential? When one is focused primarily on basic human needs, how can they contribute to the furtherment of society? As fellow citizens of this world, it is our obligation to feed any and all in need.

Taking Action:

In pursuit of this endeavor, we are eager to announce our first annual “Fill a Cart” campaign for this Thanksgiving season. We will be promoting the opportunity for those in need within the Vegas community to come and fill their carts with food and other essentials.

The Dealer Talk team will donate to this endeavor and are eager to have you match.

A special thanks to Covideo and RunMyLease for their continued support in this campaign.

If you or someone you know suffers from food insecurity and would like to receive help, please submit your information below.



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