What Is Marketing?

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Welcome to the Dealer Talk Podcast, where we delve into the essence of marketing and unravel its mysteries. In this episode, we ask the fundamental question: What is marketing?

For many, marketing is the quintessential “how” – the strategic roadmap guiding us to influence consumer behavior. It’s about understanding the intricate dance between businesses and their target audience. Yet, in our exploration, we’ve noticed a curious trend: the proliferation of subsets like promotion, advertising, and more, often overshadowing the essence of proper marketing.

Join us as we uncover the misconceptions surrounding marketing and its subsets. We believe that real marketing transcends mere tactics; it’s about intentionality. It’s about crafting a narrative that not only shields us against the tides of innovation and competition but also ensures our perpetual relevance in the minds of consumers.

Tune in as we navigate the marketing labyrinth, seeking clarity amidst the chaos. It’s time to redefine our perceptions and embrace the power of intentional marketing.

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00:00 Introduction.
02:30 How do I want these new short episodes to be
05.00 What is Performance Max (P-max)
7:00 Why vehicle listing ads are doing better than traditional search ads
10:30 Make sure you are running P-Max campaigns fully, not just VAs
11:15 My SEM startegy

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