Unlocking the Power of Data: Why Dealerships Should Harness First-Party Data

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Christian and I are delving into the crucial realm of first-party data, unraveling its essence, exploring its implications for advertising strategies within the automotive industry, and, most notably, deciphering how to harness its power in 2024 amidst the unpredictable market landscape. Ensure you stay tuned until the end to glean insights into my strategic recommendations for navigating the upcoming year.

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00:00 Introduction.
06:00 How to leverage CRM data to connect with current customers
13:00 How companies like GOOGLE understand the value of traditional advertising
23:00 How DT Vendor Management Solution helps dealers
27:23 What is first-party data?
29:00 What does cookiless mean for car dealers?
33:00 You have a $25K budget. How do you spend it?
38:10 Herb’s budget allocation
42:44 The Next five years?

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