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If you didn’t figure it out with your ex, we will let you in on a little life secret—it’s all about the way you say it. Herb is out of the office again this week and Charity gets to talk about words for an entire episode. She’s in her happy place and nerding out with Tim Warren of Helium SEO on how finding the right words can change the game for your dealership.

Also, do you know what a ‘homer’ is? You will now!

Don’t assume your website isn’t worth it.

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00:00 Introduction

01:40 Secret Shopping

10:00 Tim Warren

16:30 Helium SEO

19:10 Keys Words on Google

27:55 What’s a Homer

34:55 The Value of Social Media

38:20 The Small Things You Can Do

45:50 YouTube Ranking

51:15 SEO Comes Down to Two Things

52:25 What Herb Doesn’t Know…

55:25 Next Five Years

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