The Key to Customer Satisfaction: Answering the Price Question

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Join Shawn, known as “The BDC Alchemist,” and Herb as they delve into the controversial theory surrounding the true essence of BDC (Business Development Center) departments. Are BDCs in the automotive space genuinely cultivating business or merely elevated call centers? Explore, from Shawn’s perspective, the pivotal role of coaching as a crucial ingredient for success. Uncover how many opportunities lie concealed within the areas of deficiencies, often unbeknownst to decision-makers in car dealerships. This discussion promises to challenge preconceptions and shed light on the transformative potential of a well-crafted BDC strategy in the automotive industry.

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00:00 Introduction.
04:00 Why the focus should be on adding value.
16:00 What is a business case for your BDC?
18:00 What is Herb’s definition of a BDC
27:00 Why inbound a constraint on your BDC department
32:10 What is the definition of a BDC
42:00 Are you providing training for your BDC agents and managers?
58:36 The Next five years?

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