Season 7 Finale: George Nenni and GA4

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Learn what is up for Season 8 and welcome our guest, George Nenni. It’s been a full podcast season with Charity as Co-Host, and Herb has bombs to drop on our Season Finale. Don’t miss a minute.

George is the founder of Generations Digital, a technology marketing analytics firm that empowers car dealers to eliminate advertising waste and maximize their marketing dollars. He is the author of A Car Dealer’s Guide to Google Analytics 4, A Car Dealers’ Guide to Digital Marketing, and A Car Dealer’s Guide to Google Business Profile, all available on Amazon.

Thank you all for an incredible season of learning and growth. We are excited for what is to come!


Monthly Payments on the Rise

Autonomous Vehicle Legality Per State

Shoot Out in Mexico


Dealer PlayBook: Brian Pasch

Hidden Brain Episode: The Influence You Have

🛒 Fill-a-Cart

Vendor Partners






📞 Connect:

George Nenni

Book: Car Dealers Guide to Google Analytics



Twitter: @georgenenni

⏰ Highlights:

00:00 Introduction

01:21 LOTR? on Dealer Talk?

20:00 Herb’s Big Announcement

25:25 Automotive News

48:00 George Nenni

58:00 Preserving Analytical YOY Data

34:55 The Value of Social Media

38:20 The Small Things You Can Do

01:22:00 Next Five Years


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