Season 7 Finale: George Nenni and GA4

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Learn what is up for Season 8 and welcome our guest, George Nenni. It’s been a full podcast season with Charity as Co-Host, and Herb has bombs to drop on our Season Finale. Don’t miss a minute.

George is the founder of Generations Digital, a technology marketing analytics firm that empowers car dealers to eliminate advertising waste and maximize their marketing dollars. He is the author of A Car Dealer’s Guide to Google Analytics 4, A Car Dealers’ Guide to Digital Marketing, and A Car Dealer’s Guide to Google Business Profile, all available on Amazon.

Thank you all for an incredible season of learning and growth. We are excited for what is to come!


📌🗞️Monthly Payments on the Rise

📌🗞️Autonomous Vehicle Legality Per State

📌🗞️Shoot Out in Mexico


✍🏼 Dealer Play Book: Brian Pasch

✍🏼 Hidden Brain Episode: The Influence You Have

🛒 Fill-a-Cart

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George Nenni

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Twitter: @georgenenni

⏰ Highlights:

00:00 Introduction

01:21 LOTR? on Dealer Talk?

20:00 Herb’s Big Announcement

25:25 Automotive News

48:00 George Nenni

58:00 Preserving Analytical YOY Data

34:55 The Value of Social Media

38:20 The Small Things You Can Do

01:22:00 Next Five Years

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