Revolutionizing Everyday Tasks with OpenAI Technology at Microsoft!

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Join Herb and Lizz in this engaging podcast episode as they dissect Microsoft’s innovative strategies that empower dealers to elevate their game. Delve into the future of car buying from the consumer’s perspective, exploring the impact of cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT. Will consumers invest over 15 hours in research, and how can dealers adapt to this evolving landscape? Uncover the untapped potential of Bing and understand why dealers should be as intentional with it as they are with Google. Plus, gain insights on diversifying your marketing approaches to connect with a broader spectrum of buyers effectively.

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00:00 Introduction.
05:00 What is the future of car dealer websites?
15:00 A visual replacement for GOOGLE analytics
25:00 Quality over quantity when it comes to digital visitors to your website
30:52 Traditional advertising strategies becoming more digital
37:10 The value of audience selection with Microsoft
42:00 Does Microsoft offer API’s?
43:53 The Next five years?

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