Rediscovering the Thrill of Car Shopping like Disneyland

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In this compelling episode, Herb and Peter Dufy from Dealer Image Pro engage in a candid conversation, delving into some of the industry’s pivotal issues. They explore intriguing questions, such as the curious absence of WebP images in website providers, the reluctance of companies like vAuto to update their technology code stack, and a pressing concern shared by many in the industry: the scarcity of APIs that could revolutionize technology for car dealers in significant ways.

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00:00 Introduction
07:00 Why are we still using JPEG images?
18:25 How the current technology hurst our ability to build trust with customers
30:00 Technology legacy?
40:00 What is the future of consumer research before purchasing a vehicle
61:00 Peter’s EXCLUSIVE offer for our listeners

62:46 next five years

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