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Inventory, inventory, inventory. Join us with Peter Duffy, Founder/CEO of Dealer Image Pro™, a for all things inventory imaging. As we head into the holiday season and a continuously unknown economic atmosphere, we need to put on our ‘A’ game. There is no room for a bad presentation. With professional photo, video & 360 software, Dealer Image Pro helps hundreds of dealers take their merchandising in-house by offering the equipment, unlimited training, and professional editing, and quality.

Join us to see how you can make the automotive customer salivate.

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📌🗞️ Tesla Driver Manslaughter Case

📌🗞️ Weekly Market Data

📌🗞️ End of Month Inventory

📌🗞️ Toyota Raising Prices

📌🗞️ Kia EV

📌🗞️ GM Delays EV

📌🗞️ Used Car Prices

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