NIADA: The Power of the Automotive 20 Group

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โ€œHow many times have you gone to the desk and, for not having a signature on the paper, they throw the paper at your face. You’re going to tell me that if you’re really bought into creating customer experience and doing things differently, you’re not going to get your managers to fall in line? Bull shit.โ€ -Herb Anderson

Bill Elizondo is back. His experience in the BHPH industry goes back more than 30 years. Currently serving as a NIADA 20 Group Moderator, Bill offers insights on strategic growth and development and explains the importance of joining a Group. Whether you are a franchised dealer, an independent, or a BHPH, find out why and how 20 Groups can change your life.

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โฐ Highlights:

00:00 Introduction

04:00 Woah, Did You Just Swear?

17:50 New SWAG

20:00 Automotive News

30:00 Bill Elizondo

40:35 Donโ€™t Be Afraid of the 20 Group

49:00 The Power of Your Peers

54:30 Next Five

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