Mike Vogel: Earning the Right to Customer Loyalty

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In this episode, we focus on customer care and loyalty in our fixed operations with Mike Vogel of Automotive Service Manager Coaching.

Mike Vogel’s career spans over 35 years. He has held positions as Prep Manager, Service Advisor, Service Manager/Director, Fixed Operations Director, and Corporate Fixed Operations Director. He offers Automotive Service Manager Coaching and consulting for Fixed Ops Vendors such as UpdatePromise, TraXtion, and RepairPal.

Automotive News:

Tesla Recalls

EV Charging Stations

New York Bans ICE

New Car Sales


Blog Post

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:03:35 Automotive News

00:18:12 Blog Post of the Week

00:29:19 Mike Vogel

00:38:36 Longterm Customer Relationships

00:48:47 People-Friendly Employees

00:57:04 Generational Customer Loyalty

01:05:05 Don’t Overlook Tires!

01:19:07 The Next 5 Years


Mike Vogel

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