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Welcome back!

We have your hondameg on the program and we cover several interesting topics including career development, social media selling, COVID, and being a woman in the industry.

I enjoyed this conversation very much and I appreciated Megahnas’s perspective on the industry and where we are headed.

Time Highlights:

4:00 Starting out in the sales role

9:00 Training and development

13:00 Being a woman in the industry

15:00 Deciding to go all-in on social media

25:00 Measuring Results on Social Media

35:00 Personal results from social media efforts

45:00 Side benefits of Social Media efforts

48:00 Meghan’s perspective on COVID and the direct impact on her.

53:00 Meghan’s parting thought

56:00 next five years

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Thank you for tuning in and as usual, we will TALK later!

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