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Well, one more to go to wrap up season 6!

This week we talked with Eric Richards about current strategies to help dealers more effectively prepare their inventory for the front-line and how to leverage that on digital platforms. This was a very insightful conversation and one that is very pertinent to the current landscape.


05:00 Should you display all inventory on your website or only front-line ready units?

15:00 Creating ads directly from your website.

21:00 Why you should be advertising more not less.

30:00 Outsourcing recon to speed up the front-line process

41:00 Experience demands more cost.

50:00 Next five years.

Connect With Eric:

Email: [email protected]

Special thanks to Foureyes Io for partnering with me this season! Together we are helping dealers across the country leverage their website data to more efficiently connect with buyers.

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Thank you for tuning in, and as usual, we will TALK later!

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