Do You Have the Right Vendor Mix?

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In this episode of the Dealer Talk Podcast, we delve into the elusive realm of marketing attribution. With numerous companies touting their ‘secret weapon’ for tracking vendor performance, getting lost in a sea of promises is easy. But are these methods genuinely effective? Host Herb Anderson shares insights from years of experience, revealing a stark reality: traditional tracking methods often fail to capture the complete purchase journey.

Tune in to this enlightening episode of Dealer Talk Podcast to discover the untapped potential of marketing attribution and revolutionize your dealership’s tracking practices. Don’t be fooled by empty promises—embrace the path to accurate vendor attribution today!

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00:00 Introduction.

01:26 Our business prioritizes leads, benefiting both dealers and vendors

04.21 How many vendor portals do dealerships use daily

5:55 Dealerships should prioritize hiring someone to filter information effectively.

7:30 Is Clarivoy effective?

11:06 My attribution strategy

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