Darren Farnsworth: Keep Your Online Platforms Updated

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Welcome back! Only two more episodes left in this season.

This week we sit down with my good friend Darren Farnsworth to talk about several topics including websites, inventory, predictions for 2022, and more.

Time highlights:

04:00 Similarities between the music industry and the car business

15:00 Connecting social and search ads to your website

21:00 Group site listing strategy

32:00 Are you struggling to move more units since covid

41:00 Are you preparing for consumer behavior changes due to the pandemic impact

51:00 next five years

Connect with Darren:



Visit 2020 eConsulting

Mobile: (801)330.1417


Email: [email protected]

Special thanks to Foureyes Io for partnering with me this season! Together we are helping dealers across the country leverage their website data to more efficiently connect with buyers.

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Thank you for tuning in, and as usual, we will TALK later!

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