Brian Allee: Culture Eats Process for Breakfast

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In this episode, we meet with Brian Allee of A2ZSync to discuss the power of an end-to-end process, and how it can positively impact your dealership.

Brian is on a mission to help dealers build and grow their business into a modern retail experience for both customers and employees. Brian is obsessed with assisting dealers in evolving in a sustainable and proven way. Trained as a dealer, he has over 15 years of retail experience in variable operations. In 2019, he crossed over to dealership technology, training, and consulting. As a “student of the game,” Brian enjoys learning from dealer partners just as much as he loves sharing the knowledge acquired over the years.

Automotive News Links:

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Toyota Closes Their Russia Plant.

Kia/Hyundai Class Action Lawsuits

GM Creates Thousands of Jobs

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:04:38 Automotive News

00:13:00 Herb’s First Car

00:35:25 Brian Allee

00:45:45 Adapting or Dying

00:52:52 More Efficient Sales

01:10:00 Time is the New Currency

Connect: Brian Allee




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