Automotive Dealers: Are We Ready to Compete with Amazon and Hyundai?

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Welcome to the Dealer Talk podcast, where insightful conversations unfold on the cutting edge of automotive retail. In today’s episode, Curt and Herb dive deep into the dynamic world of e-commerce and its transformative impact on automotive retail.

Join us as we dissect the latest developments, including the groundbreaking partnership between Hyundai and Amazon, set to revolutionize how vehicles are bought and sold. With Amazon slated to sell Hyundais directly on their platform starting in 2024, the automotive industry is at a crossroads, demanding dealerships to embrace e-commerce strategies like never before.

Curt and Herb share their expert insights on the implications of this partnership and its ripple effects across the automotive retail landscape. From navigating new consumer behaviors to seizing opportunities for innovation, we explore how dealerships can leverage e-commerce to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving market.

Don’t miss out on this compelling discussion that promises to reshape your perspective on the future of automotive retail. Tune in now to discover what lies ahead and how you can thrive in the age of e-commerce.

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00:00 Introduction.
05:00 Why the market is pulling into the direct-to-consumer
11:00 What will the Hyundai / Amazon experience be like?
18:00 How to out-teach the competition?
25:30 There has been no disruption to the auto retail space
33:10 Why should customers trust us to buy their vehicle online
37:00 There is no in-person Amazon experience
39:39 The next five years

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