🎙️ Episode Title: The Power of Tesla Ownership: Beyond Electric Vehicles

You are currently viewing 🎙️ Episode Title: The Power of Tesla Ownership: Beyond Electric Vehicles

In this episode, hosts Herb Anderson and Zack explore the unparalleled allure of Tesla ownership, transcending the mere realm of electric vehicles. They unravel the captivating narrative behind Tesla’s meteoric rise in the automotive industry, attributing its success not solely to electric propulsion but to a revolutionary ownership experience. From seamless software updates to unparalleled customer service, Tesla has redefined the essence of car ownership, setting a new standard for consumer expectations.

Join Herb and Zack as they dissect the essence of Tesla’s allure, delving into how its distinctive ownership experience has inspired entrepreneurial ventures and disrupted traditional car dealership models. Through insightful discussions, they extract invaluable lessons for the automotive industry, providing a roadmap for dealerships to adapt, innovate, and thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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00:00 Introduction.
02:50 The ownership experience
09:00 Different range considerations
14:13 You can’t just add an EV to an ICE vehicle! That is not why Tesla wins
27:36 The maintenance side of the Tesla vehicles
32:56 Why dealers should leverage the used potential of Tesla’s
42:00 Why Tesla should advertise and how that presents opportunities for car dealerships
45:31 The next five years

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